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United Glass & Aluminium is a part of the wider Clouds group of companies. We have delivered buildings that met strict regulatory standards. United Glass & Aluminium has delivered outstanding commercial construction projects in Qatar. From our first project our goal has been to deliver quality construction, on time and in budget. Today we are recognized as leaders in the Qatar construction industry.

The United Glass And Aluminium is an established company in the Qatar market with the collaboration of qualified, skilled, experienced and innovative professionals, who associate themselves with leading architects, interior designers, builders, manufacturers, contractors, and individuals for their interior- and exterior-related requirements keeping in mind firmly of their taste, need, and budget. Our core values are to build quality design projects according to their original specifications, on time and in budget. Architectural craftsmanship, engineering, integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship are what we have built our reputation. Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of our commercial contractor business. These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by United Glass & Aluminium.

To deliver on these values, we rely on our wealth of experience. The management team at United totals over 30 combined years of construction experience. While our values are traditional and our experience vast, we remain on the forefront of technology as it applies to the commercial construction trade. We have sophisticated systems that are user friendly, allowing the owner to keep updated with all phases of construction from any place in the world. Staying on the leading edge of our industry is important to us.

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