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To provide quality branded flooring and wall covering options from around the world at the lowest possible prices to our esteemed guests. Coupled with reliable delivery, along with the ease of shopping from the comfort of your home. We have set our sights high. We aim to be able to provide every home in the UAE with the flooring that they desire. We are constantly working to see what a good fit for homes and offices is. We procure the best products to suit every need and price point, and make sure you can procure it in the shortest possible times. A floor for every home! At Al Afrah marble and tiles fixing.

We screen and qualify suppliers, sourcing choice selections of cutting-edge products ahead of the trends meeting buyers’ needs of today and aspirations of tomorrow. We ensure the highest possible price-performance ratio in the quality of works and products. We provide streamlined, holistic and responsible services and a can-do attitude within close- working partnerships to achieve our customers’ business goals.

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