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Over the years, the world of curtains Blinds and Windows covering has seen many changes. Since 1961 Al SHARK have been at the forefront of technology by using the latest machines and equipment. Even after over 56 years of service Al SHARK has continued to be a growing and leading Qatari Blinds /Window Covering and Home Decorations supplier. Our extensive product knowledge and strong sales team has been the driving force behind this success.

We design, manufacture, dispatch and install binds and curtains to clients all over Qatar. We provide all sorts of decorative needs like blinds, curtains, window coverings, folding doors, flooring and furniture. We try to be creative and flexible with all our sales. When you order AL SHARK Products from our showroom you can expect a professional service and good quality. We have most fashionable patterns with the best designs and best techniques. Many of the products are manufactured in our factory with the help of latest machines.

One thing one will not fail to notice is the efficient after sales service. Our highly qualified staff (75 people) gives prompt and efficient service to the client whenever the services are required. Our after sales section is dedicated to maintain punctuality and efficiency in their services.


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