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Allergy is a common hypersensitivity condition worldwide. It can be treated by allergen-specific immunotherapies (AIT). Natural allergen extracts do not fulfill the regulatory requirements for allergy vaccine manufacturing, which are unstable and have varying amounts of allergens, contamination, and poor immunogenicity.

Recombinant allergens are genetically engineered isoforms representing allergen molecules from allergen extracts, which opened up new avenues for the diagnosis and research of human allergic diseases.

Recombinant Allergen is a sub-brand of Creative BioMart, which is an internationally recognized leading supplier of recombinant proteins. Our products and services are specifically focused on allergens. Some of our recombinant allergen species include animal allergens (human, dog, mouse, pig, rabbit, etc.), plant allergens (flower, fruit, rice, nut, grass, etc.), and fungi allergens (penicillium, mold, trichophyton, etc.).

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