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Our greatest asset is the expertise and the resourceful of our people – our armada of Sales and Technical personnel. We also offer many years of experience executing and managing large, traffic – Intensive installations.

ESCON EXPRESS offers complete elevator system solutions for Government, Public, Private and Corporate sectors. Our Elevators are installed in several national and multinational organizations that include Government Projects high rise buildings; prominent real estate companies; small, medium and large scale industries; Star rated hotels.

With the kind of orientation and priorities, Escon Express has, it is but natural that we would have an equally strong commitment towards the future – to become even more customer and user friendly. As a result, there is always an on-going component of reviewing, researching and reorganizing aspects of their operations, technology and services, in order to further improve upon them. It is the quest that finds the public in agreement that the name Escon Express is acronym to Technology with Service.

You get what your project demands. Your choice of a wide range of elevators and special-purpose Lifts, Quality , Cost-effectiveness. A Custom – tailored Solution and Service & technical follow- through that bring the adage “ the Customer is king” of Life

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