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GREEN PARK PROJECTS (GPP) is a general construction and landscaping company which has become one of the key construction and landscaping contractors in the State of Qatar.

GREEN PARK PROJECTS W.L.L. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Qatar since 2004. At GPP we utilize engineering design, construction management, custom fabrication and high quality equipment that meet the demands of our clients. We understand that project must be completed on time and within budget, meet all specification and safety, and must function as intended. For years we have enhanced time honored balding practices by using new technology and materials.

Engineers and other professionals working on GPP Projects are screened for both qualification and experience. Compliance with worksite and labor practices as stipulated by the government will be strictly adhered to at all times throughout the construction phases of every GPP project. Together we form benevolent leadership that helps bring years of investment, business and management experience and insight to the table.

GPP has been developed to better way of construction, satisfying the needs of clients in a caring and economical way with confidence and ensure a better cover with lots of truthfulness and dedications, rising to their expectations and satisfaction with great respect.

GREEN PARK PROJECTS as the name suggests aims to help achieve the nation's vision by constructing buildings that is eco-friendly (green) and making a greener Qatar.

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