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The foundation of Haji Hassan Group began in the early 1950’s with one man’s belief and vision of an ever more changing future of the region. Armed with the sense of commitment, innovation, community and responsibilities, the late Haji Hassan embarked on successive entrepreneurial ventures to contribute in building and supplying his modernizing homeland and the region.

From risking everything on new technologies such as the mass production of blocks, to the willingness to pioneer in unchartered fields such as ready-mix and pre-casted concrete, and further to ensuring that the corporate social responsibilities are never forgotten, Haji Hassan Group managed to carve its mark in the development projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain and beyond.

The unit that began with a small stone crushing plant has grown to contain more than fifteen companies under its tail, including a number of joint ventures. The group companies and ventures range from construction related products, manufacturing, real estate, hospital to owning their own shopping complex.

The core function of The Group remains to be in construction. HHG produces a range of products such as pipes, rubber, concrete and chemical mixes, asphalt, and concrete blocks. It also has constructed and developed one of the most elegant and sophisticated shopping mall to date, Al-Aali Shopping Complex.

The beliefs in innovative solutions, quality products and services, honesty and integrity in all dealings and a vision of a bigger future remain as the values guiding Haji Hassan Group today. The greatest honor and privilege The Group has are in the bonds and partnerships it has built throughout the years with all components it has come across in the region.

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