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We are Salzburg Alet providing a solution for reducing the High Electricity Bill with 10016 Spanish Technologies. Our Spanish Engineer team has more has 15 Years of experience in the Solar Field. We have Worked on various projects in Qatar, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and some other parts of Europe.

As the world’s leading provider of smart solar solutions, Salzburg delivers PV products, applications, and services to promote global sustainable development. Through constant innovation, it continues to push the PV industry forward by creating greater grid parity of PV power and popularizing renewable energy. Salzburg, the mission is to boost global renewable energy development around the world for the benefit of humanity.

We are experts with off-grid and on-grid types of solar plant installation. We are providing Green Energy using Solar Power for any area where electricity is not sufficient or any remote area where electricity is not available, Agriculture Farm AnY types of industry, Commercial building, Hypermarket, Factory, University, Stadium, Big House or Villa or Palace.

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