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Over the course of more than 30 years, IET has managed to gain a renowned position in its home country MENA market through successfully completing over more than 1,000 projects between residential towers, commercial towers, hotels and malls with a total of more than 2650 elevator and escalator installed

Established in 1985, IET has been serving its customers with integrity and efficiency since day one. With the end target in mind, IET has built an enormous network of stakeholders in all the markets it has operated in.

IET has successfully brought worldwide brands from all over the globe to nurture the local markets we operated in for the past three decades. With our Values before our eyes and Core Success Pillars maintained and followed, IET has built an outstanding trust and reliability in all the markets it had invaded and with all the stakeholders it served. With a futuristic vision adopted, IET is willing to involve a wide range of solutions serving wider segments of customer with daily evolving needs and requirements.

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