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KALBA PRINTING PRESS is a distinctive and most trusted name in the printing industry in Kalba. With long years of experience, we have created a unique space in the field with our customer focus, fresh thinking and environmentally conscientious working style. We provide complete design and print management solutions at an affordable price and since we design, print, finish, mail, store and distribute all under our strict control, we could assure you the best quality printing service. Our creative ideas and hard-working employees, have helped us grow more heights in a short span of time with a big circle of loyal customers around.

KALBA PRINTING PRESS has grown much heights in a short span of time with the customer focus and quality based strategy of the company. The treasure of great expertise added with perfect qualifications in the printing field. Our creative and dynamic human resources together with most modern equipments play a vital role in placing us on top in the printing industry.

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اكتشف المزيد تنظيم المناسبات والمعارض الخدمات.