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“Khaiber Star Safety Glass Factory L.L.C” was established in 2005 and offers an extensive gamut of services to esteemed clients across a spectrum of industries.

The company was constituted under the management of KSSGF. The company has its own manufacturing facility with a floor area 50,000 sqft. And is able to accommodate the office, store and machinery.

The company is one of the most reliable glass processing company in UAE and has completed projects throughout the country with the help of our own highly qualified engineers and skilled labour. We are able to handle any type of glass works to the satisfaction of our clients.

From the stained glass windows of medieval churches to the renaissance monopoly of mirror makers, flat glass has bought protection to us from the environment while also reflecting its beauty. Today’s flat has become a long way to achieve specific performance, characteristics in terms of strength, visible light transmission, solar reflectance and shading coefficient, thus making it possible to have wide

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