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KHAZANAH Was founded in 2006 in order to supply wooden architectural products for the local market. The vision of founders was an important factor in the success and development of the company where the goals are focused on the customer and how to participate in the improvement of their life style to make it better and satisfy needs and wishes by means of providing flexibility in design and material selection or giving the client the environment and conditions where they are able to enjoy and control the experience until the final product is realized.

Since that time; the company had strengthen its strategies and developed its products and systems to get to the highest levels of the production capacity, diversity of products and quality requirements in line with local customer needs and to meet the highest international standards.

Khazanah is proud of its achievements in a large number of important projects in Qatar, whether being private homes, residential or commercial towers, schools and government buildings and sports facilities, working with local and international consultants and engineers; adding to it successfully finishing its projects within schedule and within the terms of the highest quality and ultimately having the satisfaction of the client.

Our range of products includes kitchens and cupboards and doors, wooden walls and ceilings, decorations and other woodwork manufactured according to customer requirements.

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