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We are selling our product  in the competitive environment of the UAE …we are selling the porta cabins with different  nature sizes and specification ie  fire rated and non fire rated with the competitive prices all over UAE namely office porta cabins, accommodation, toilets, kitchen security and all customizable cabins in good prices across the UAE market 

We are selling the product in various dimension including rooms kitchens and toilets having 12*3.8 m ,10*4m dimension as per client demands…

Contact# MR. Naimatn Head of the department…..0504949127


Al Arab  has significant experience and knowledge designing, engineering and manufacturing temporary or permanent camp site accommodation (man camps) and multipurpose buildings with the destination region in mind



Being operated from Sharjah was born to unravel the need of Prefabricated Building to be used in many types of applications for the reason that it saves engineering and construction time, which complements the traditional concept of value for money and time. Our factory is highly sophisticated with excellent infrastructure, which is in a position to manufacture Prefabricated buildings for labor accommodations, Double storied offices for construction site, Deluxe villas, Oil field Cabins, caravans, Cabana's and the like for local requirements as well as export.

12 X 3.6Mtrs 2Rooms with Kitchen & Bath
12 x 3.6Mtrs 2Rooms 2Baths
12 x 3.6mtrs 2Rooms 1Bath
12 X 3.6Mtrs Hall Type
06 X 3.6Mtrs 1 Room with Kitchen and Bath
Toilets, laundries, security maid rooms and others.

 Due to flexible panels and countless equipment options, you can create spaces, design them freely and change them at any time or move them to another location

اكتشف المزيد تنظيم المناسبات والمعارض الخدمات.