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Scientific Business Solutions (SBS) consulting firm was established in 2013 as a dynamic firm growing steadily and swiftly by a group of experts who have more than 20 years of experience

In the field of environmental studies, environmental compliance, waste management, testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, renewable energy, instrumentation and equipment supply, technical studies, alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR), sustainability solutions, health and safety consultancy, training, mining consultancy, cement consultancy, environmental equipment maintenance, operation for environmental equipment. Since its inception, it has been providing technical assistance and consultation for a wide spectrum of clients. SBS is a consulting firm fully acquainted with national, regional and international environmental laws, regulations, and guidelines that aim to conserve and develop the environment and its natural resources. SBS is committed to providing the best and safest environmental solutions.

Scientific Business Solutions (SBS) offering high quality tailored services with sister companies in MENA region, SBS has the ability to create out of the box solutions and new initiatives in the field of waste management / environmental issues. is one of the few consultancies able to combine local expertise and knowledge with global reach and experience. We provide quality environmental services and consultancy to individuals, companies and Government Ministries throughout MENA region.