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Tadmur Holding offers a unique advantage to local or global entities wishing to engage in business with us. As a Qatari company with deep roots, Tadmur Holding possesses unmatched local knowledge, strengthened with global standards of operational and performance oriented excellence. Tadmur Holding has an outstanding record of expansion based on strategically planned growth and acquisitions. The group has developed over the years to become a high performing diversified conglomerate involved in industrial, retail, and leisure developments along with other lucrative sectors that sustain the local economy.


For anyone looking for business opportunities in Qatar’s booming market, Tadmur Holding offers a wide variety of possibilities. A top-rung, astute, leadership of qualified professionals manage the company. The hands at the helm of Tadmur Holding capably manage a network of long-standing relationships with both with local and global entities making Tadmur Holding a discerning choice for partners of international organizations who desire to explore business ventures in one of the world’s fastest growing, stable economies.

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