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We work intimately with inside creators and modellers, supporting them in all work stages, along these lines giving a wide scope of imaginative arrangements. With our arrangement of all around presumed generally made in Italy marks, we centre around offering adaptability combined with innovative administrations made an interpretation of into fascinating options in contrast to our customers.

LAGO is an imaginative brand in the realm of Italian plan. It has an extended vision of plan as an order that produces items as well as significance, fit for advancing the whole creation chain and proposing new dreams and new models for living. configuration offers to engineers and inside fashioners a crucial, unique letter set which can cover any region of the home, offering a boundlessness of arrangements. From every one of the zones of the home to cafés, lodgings, business spaces and workplaces, on account of a total, flexible product offering, we tailor spaces to the general population who use them, giving the apparatuses to communicating the uniqueness of their accounts. The quality of LAGO configuration is effortlessness, described by suspension, seclusion, and building mimesis, it has an intrinsic limit with respect to going into exchange with various styles and settings.

Extravagance, for Roberto Giovannini, is the worth that is conceived from the combination of convention, craftsmanship and thoughts. The manual aptitude of the metalworkers, upholsterers and architects coincides with the specialty of the woodcarvers in a domain where wood is at the core of every item. The Roberto Giovannini brand is the token of a culture made gratitude to the progression of time; a skill prized today likewise according to those living past the Italian fringes. The privileged insights of this boundless enthusiasm are as basic as they are principal: each single item is acknowledged inside, with the high caliber and the consideration and consideration squared away to the littlest subtleties being the fundamental wellsprings of motivation.

Each piece set apart by I Vassalletti splendidly coordinates customers' character and taste, reflecting them inside one's home. At the point when the imaginative authority of a craftsman is held inside the grain of the wood, a straightforward household item turns into a genuine bit of workmanship. This is the means by which I Vassalletti takes a shot at the most refined wood-substances, changing them into inside plan jewels of current design.  Deck is the very heart of this organization and its gnawing will return you to the acclaimed history of this worldwide known craftsmanship manufacturing plant. The brand opens up to a wide scope of items, for example, libraries, wood framing and structure components all in all, accessible in an assortment of styles.

Services offered:

  • Luxury furniture supplier
  • Provides Interior design solutions
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
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