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Advanced Fluid Power WLL is front runner in the fields of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Seals, Electricals and HVACS, UV System for Kitchen Canopies which has established its strong presence in Qatar since its inception in the year 2009.Tied up with strong brands across the world, we cater to all the needs in relation to hydraulics, seals, electrical and HVACS. Quality support team of engineers and technicians, with quality products and competitive prices, leaves no space for competition in the industry.

Always First in Perfection: Our motto is to deliver the best products that we manufacture or that have been hunted from the best brands in the world such as Jimco, Craig & Derricott etc., perfected with our techno savvy engineering support. The state of the art technology, One-stop solution for hydraulic-pneumatic-Seals-electrical-HVAC-Clean air & Water (Hotels) coupled with Price challenge (provide us better we will pay you), differentiate us from the rest of the market

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Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, Motors, Hoses & tubes, Power Packs, Accessories.

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