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The company was founded with the Pilgrim father Samih Tello alnshwati, born in Damascus where he started his activity in the State of Kuwait since 1960 a.d., 1995 a.d. after his death as a result of a tragic accident then the son Ziad Samih Tello alnshwati receipt of management and company structure and the settlement of the financial position and then developed to continue providing its services to customers over many years with keeping up with all the new fabrics and provide the best species from various sources around the world And get proxies for several international brands and the company is one of the first importers of textiles of various kinds of winter and summer fabrics and consolidated confusion from different Asian and European countries in the Middle East to Kuwait, they have expertise in trade in textiles stretching back fifty years and under the roofs of the widest varieties of fabrics brands global lines of different orientations of the compatibility options to customers, the company has kept pace with the local and global market of the revolutionary movement in the practices and culture and responded The determination of what is new. The company offers the finest brands of wools and cotton from Italy, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, through the well-known global companies as well as high-end tissue across months factories Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Thai, to suit the costume crew and modern menswear style

The goal in "AL SAMIEH " is to provide distinctive fabrics with high quality, premium prices ensure our continued confidence in our company for many years to come, with all the potential to be the best in the Gulf markets