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Alo Maids Cleaning Services was established on January 09, 2013, in response to a widespread practice in UAE (during 2008-2012) where cleaning workers were barely paid salaries of AED400 to AED800 dirhams a month and were not allowed holidays for years or until they would complete their labor contract period. There was no concept of medical insurance or over time. Most of the cleaners we interviewed worked minimum 10hrs a day and without any over time.

The company is run on the principles of social entrepreneurship and believes in the responsibility of businesses to address world’s social, economic and environmental problems.

The company offers reliable residential and commercial cleaning services with both eco-friendly and conventional cleaning supplies and tools, depending on the demand. And we promote products that support environmental protection and longer lasting hygiene.

Alo Maids Cleaning was changed to Alo Maids & Technical Services in 2016 and the businesses are contributing to the below United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 1 – Poverty eradication

Goal 5 – Gender equality

Goal 8 – Decent work & growth for all

Goal 10 – Reduction of inequality

Goal 12 – Responsible production & responsible consumption

Goal 13 – Climate change

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