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Delmon Group has expanded over the years through a process of planned growth and diversification. However one thing has remained constant, the dedicated and professional attitude of the Delmon Team. It is because of this that our companies have developed a reputation in the marketplace for providing excellent service and quality products. This is something we are rightly proud of and we will strive to maintain.

I believe the key to us staying ahead in this everchanging marketplace is our ability to be adaptable and innovative. This has meant us incorporating the right changes at the right time, while ensuring that these changes equally form our pursuit of excellence and quality in all that we do.

Delmon has extended its horizons again with new products, services and territories. It remains well placed to continue with its success, firmly placing the needs of meeting its customer’s current and future demands at the forefront.

Our future is in our hands, and I am sure that while we continue to strive for excellence, we will continue to achieve success.

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