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Starting Out 1972

EHAF started 1972 as a two-person partnership between two former French educated graduates from Chebap and Beaux arts. The company began with 12 employees with offices in UAE and Cairo. It landed two large contracts, a building project one in UAE and one industrial in Alexandria first year. The company’s strong ties with both government work began in 1974, as the UAE asked EHAF to supervise construction of its new school program and the Egyptian government asked it to supervise its ambitious plan for telecommunications centers and Ismailia port.

A While After 1980s

In the early years, the company mostly focused on Building and infrastructure projects throughout the Middeleast. In 1early 1980’s EHAF designed and constructed through design/Build contract first line of cairo metro along with its state of the art operation control center. While in UAE, EHAF was awarded several governmental ministries buildings. During that time, EHAF formed a strong team of 100 professional on transportation, infrastructure, industrial and governmental buildings.

By the end of 1980s, the company made a move into Africa , gulf, and french markets. The company started several projects in several african countries mainly in infrastructure. It also opened its first branch in Paris to undertake Metro projects as subconsultant to RATP in algeria. During that time EHAF company won contracts in the Gulf Region.

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