Equipaint - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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EQUIPAINT is the establishment proprietor of COLORTEK in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar. Through our universal system, master know-how and sorted out showroom, we guide and supply planners, modelers and temporary workers with the broadest scope of hues, examples and surfaces that they explicitly requirement for each venture. 

Our superior paint arrangements are built for outside and inside dividers, roofs and floor plans, including false completes, wall paintings, bespoke examples and figures, and different sorts of fine arts.


* Decorative Products

 - Interior Decorative Paints

 - Exterior Decorative Coatings

 - Haute Ciuture Designs

 -  Decorative Floorings

* Architecural Coatings

 - Architectural Paints

 - Waterproofing

 - Putty, Fillers & Primers

- Industrial Coatings

* Decorative Floorings

 - Decorative Floorings

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