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Eradicators Pest Control and Cleaning Services is a UAE based company providing solutions for all kind of pest control and cleaning works. We concentrate mainly on Public Health by creating a Pest free environment and Hygienic surroundings. We provide Professional and unique way of custom solutions using our enormous experience in this field. We will be implementing the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which the U.A.E has recently begun to adopt, with regards to pest control operations.

Our Main Activities :

  • We provide annual pest control contract for Villas, Flats/Apartments, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Airports, Flights, Ships, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, wearhouse, Labour Accommodations, Industries and all other shops with municipality approved eco-friendly/Organic pest controlling methods
  • We provide all different type of termite control for all kinds of buildings, Pre construction or Post Construction Buildings with the best available municipality approved medicines.
  • We provide different methods of cleaning with new Hi-tech automated mechanism
  • We provide annual contract for cleaning works of schools, shopping malls, Restaurants, hotels, flats, villas, industries etc.
  • We provide Guaranteed pest control treatment with complete eradication of all type of Crawling and Flying Insects for individual flats, villas and other residential areas
  • We provide special pest control treatments for Vehicles like ships, aircrafts, cars etc

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