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The modern era a lot “of features and important features of the art of construction based on the contractor business, and the observer of this art during the last hundred years will find sophisticated” tremendous “which is directly proportional” with the enormous development in the world of machines,

Which contributed to the modernization and automation the contraction industry, was credited with the largest in the emergence of skyscrapers, towers, and tunnels that are linking the continents together, as is the case between Asia and Africa as well as between the States together,

As is the case between France and England, all those miracles were based on scientific and engineering inaccurate.

Also starting of computer scientist in the last thirty year has the effect of stunning in this world, making it more accurate and gave it a touch of art and beauty and control of all its components, both in terms of engineering, administrative, making successful companies based on this work forward and develop the lowest possible cost to provide the latest technology for the establishment of their organization.