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Mestalla Construction restructured its management and operations in early 2014 in anticipation of the State of Qatar’s major capital road and infrastructure programs and expenditures that are components of the Qatar National Vision 2030 as well as driving requirements to the successful delivery and hosting of the 2022 World Cup. Today, MCC is lead by Western Nation professionals along with the loyal professionals that are pillars of the long history and success of MCC. This critical combination of expertise and
professional means and methods is paramount to positioning MCC to perform at and beyond the expectations of key clients and stakeholders as well as attract the top global leading road and infrastructure construction companies to engage in partnerships and alliances to deliver mega programs within the expectations and requirements that the State of Qatar deserves. MCC maintain ISO 9001 certification and is proud of the unparalleled health and safety record we uphold in the industry.
We invest heavily in the orientation and education of our staff to adhere to all international standards and those corporate standards that we have adopted that surpass those in the global market. We hold a sincere professional responsibility to uphold, raise and evolve health and safety in a proactive manner for the overall betterment of the road and infrastructure industry and for the best interests of the State of Qatar. This is one of many key factors that our Corporate Social Responsibility is built upon.

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