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NATIONAL FACTORY LLC Specializes in the manufacturing of Aluminum architectural products, for the housing sector from residential villas to commercial high rise buildings, services sector From schools to hospitals, industrial sector from pumping stations to power and desalination plants. Our scope of works includes: Skylights, Cladding, Doors & windows, Curtain-walling and stainless steel fabrication, aluminum gratings, footpath, ship stairs, ladders and access panels/covers.

NATIONAL FACTORY LLC builds on past successes in an effort to improve productivity, quality and cost effectiveness. Innovative thinking and a flexible approach to traditional problems have allowed us to succeed in making our new manufacturing plant a lead to success.

NATIONAL FACTORY LLC success is the product of skilled engineers, experienced craftsman, customized tooling and intelligent response to customers' needs. This finally honed formula will keep NATIONAL FACTORY a leader in metal manufacturing for high performance building enveloping systems.

NATIONAL FACTORY LLC is situated in Musafah industrial, Abu Dhabi. The manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest up to date technology, advanced CNC machinery, Computer aided software for estimation and mockup testing. The premises consists of, office units, Aluminum Division, cladding division, Stainless Steel and Glass Divisions.

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