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On account of its skill, PRESTO has turned into the indisputable world pioneer for advancing and practical answers for control water in collectivities. 

At the point when André Patient established PRESTO in 1927, destined to be joined by his sibling Lucien, the two men had just a single thought, to offer arrangements that make it conceivable to spare water in open spaces. Their first creation, a genuine flash of brilliance, was the coordinated tap, pursued later by hundreds more tapware arrangements, the vast majority of which were protected. 

From development to innovation, PRESTO turned into the pioneer in the structure and assembling of tapware and embellishments for clean machines in network offices, human services foundations and research centers. 

Proceeding with this inclination to improve, we endeavor to offer items that empower water utilization control, crippled access and consistence with wellbeing and security guidelines.


  • Washbasins
  • Shower
  • Flush Area
  • Urinal Area
  • Professional Tapware
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