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Since its inception,Sarab Contracting has been recognized for its emphasis on excellence in quality, service, delivery, value, sustainability, teamwork and safety. A testament to Sarab Contracting’s work and focus on excellence is the number of Clients that have been repeatedly returned, representing more than 80% of the work. For us, a project is considered a success, only if we have earned your respect. To us, the ultimate recognition will always be the appreciation our Clients express for the work, we deliver. OUR TEAM GOAL All projects we handle are managed and delivered to the highest standards of quality. It is a team work. We approach each project with a co-operative mind-set, working with Clients, Architects, Engineers, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors, towards a common goal of excellence in project delivery, within the planned time. EXCELLENCE IN DELIVERY Our whole approach from our early involvement in the pre-construction phase of a project, the way that we approach attaining of job, the site set-up, delivery of materials, execution, completion & handing over of the project is designed to ensure excellence in project delivery. We share quality planning with the whole team before & during the construction period, reviewing potential challenges and proactively managing them. COMMITMENT TO SAFETY SCE is committed to developing and fostering a culture that is designed to achieve the highest environmental health and safety standards. Our Employees are considered as our most valuable asset, therefore, safety is not just a program; it is our culture. We develop and maintain safety and environmental methodology and utilize new procedures to meet the needs of the industry and our workforce

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