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Design & Build of Interior Space

Scratch Interior Decoration is specialized in the design & build of interior space, offering complete interior solutions customized to the individual needs of clients. “From Scratch to Finish” is a slogan truthful to the company’s integrated approach in designing and executing interior space.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused on working in close relationship with our Clients through a collaborative process that aims at optimizing project results and adding value to the owners to ensure that the realization of their requirements is done in an exceptional manner.

Our History

Scratch Interior Decoration was established by Georges Michel El Biry in 2004 as the interior design arm of Amana Contracting Group. Under Amana, Scratch completed over 500 projects on a design and design-build basis in the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, developing a successful team of professionals focused on client collaboration that aims at optimizing and adding value to the final product. In 2017, Scratch became an independent company, maintaining the same management and execution team as it concentrates on serving an ever widening range of clients and projects

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