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ADS Contracting and Decoration is one of the best contracting companies in Dubai that provides high quality integrated services and was established in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates and Canada.

ADS Contracting and Decoration contributes to providing the finest building contracting services, design and implementation of interior and exterior decoration and maintenance, which supports the private and governmental sectors to construct distinct buildings according to high quality international standards and in accordance with the regulations and laws of government agencies.

ADS Contracting and Decoration facilitates the customer’s experience to reach an unexpected result, by following the life-building journey step by step, starting with providing effective advice and advice, preparing the necessary drawings and blueprints, a distinctive three-dimensional design that reflects the final result that the customer will obtain, Establishing the construction and full supervision of the project through a highly experienced engineering team and skilled labor, implementing the interior and exterior decoration according to the design provided, until the delivery of the project.

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