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The Ahmed Mohammed Jassim Group. Established in 1973 and a major partner in the Kingdom’s all-round progress, the group has participating interests in a wide range of industry specific activities, that have earned it the reputation of being one of the most successful business groups in the region. The Ahmed Mohammed Jassim Group consists of four independent yet intrinsically well-knit organizations with proven expertise in Construction & Maintenance, Furniture, Interior Works and Trading. Over the years, the Group has taken on the challenges of globalization by bringing operations and logistics within its fold, a move that has paid rich dividends to its client base and reliability quotient.

The Group’s diversity in operations has enabled it to pool its resources to provide unmatched services to government and private clients alike. Headed by professionals and experts in their own right, the Group owes its success to its 480+ dedicated workforce, tirelessly contributing to the Group’s rise from a humble building maintenance company to a multifaceted corporate entity. It goes without saying that in every organization’s success, there is unity even in diversity

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