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Born in Sur, a city known for trading since the very old days, (late) Mr. Mohamed Rashid Abdullah Al Fannah Al Araimi was from the distinguished Al Fannah Al Araimi Family. He started his prosperous journey from the age of 9 leaving his family for the first time to pursue his education. He was a strong believer that education was the key to success and that drove him to thrive against all odds for many years abroad to accomplish his goal and with strong faith he was able to attain his degree in Business studies in Cairo. Coming from a trading family Mr. Mohamed Rashid was blessed with business acumen and entrepreneurial excellence and has become one of the most dynamic Omani business leaders in the Sultanate.

He began his career in the private sector by joining Galfar Engg. & Contg. Co. LLC as the General Manager in 1979 where he played a prominent role in turning the company around into Oman’s and the Gulf’s premier Civil-Electro-Mechanical Contracting Company, of which he has later become the Vice Chairman.

Besides, his direct involvement in the establishment of all the group companies, Mr. Mohammed Rashid was one of Oman’s leading founders and investors in a number of prestigious projects that contributed to a great extent in the development of the country by the private sector. He was also equally active in the local and overseas financial market investments. .

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