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I founded Amitis Design in 2005 to provide a comprehensive design service to handle different projects from decoration to architectural planning. My design philosophy and style is constant, while also incorporating different shades and textures based on each project. Our ultimate aim being to respond to the wishes of the client and create a successful interpretation of the project.

As a trained architect I bring a depth of technical expertise along with strong personal sensitivity and creativity to the projects we collaborate on with our clients. Today, our dedicated professional team has successfully delivered projects to discerning clients across the region.

Our approach is to listen, interpret and at times lead our clients in the realisation of their projects.

To us integrity in everything is highly important, from the selection of materials and finishes, to the suppliers we work with and how we work with our clients. I am proud of what Amitis Design represents and has achieved. The quality of our services and design is recognised, along with the elegance and delicate touches we pay attention to

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