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From the time EIDC was set up by our founder director Dr. Rashid in 2006, we have taken exceptional care to ensure that the work our team did, would make a difference. Even as Dr. Raveendranath took up the reins of the company in 2008 and EIDC continued expanding, we have never deviated from our vision to provide consultancy services that fully serve the interests of our clients and the larger community, of which we are an integral part. In a relatively short span of time, EIDC has been able to deliver some remarkable projects and could build enduring business relations with a number of individuals and organizations from Oman and abroad either as clients or as business associates. Our future as a company will surely see us moving into new areas of architectural and engineering consultancy. We confidently base such expansion plans on a steadily widening client base, while remaining committed to delivering outstanding projects. To meet the increasing demand of project management services in Oman, we have recently set up an exclusive entity to extend our professional services in the Project Management realm under a separate brand identity. As a testimony to the variety of projects we are capable of handling, a selected list of our recent projects is presented here.

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