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IKARUS United Marine Services company is the leading concern in the realm of tourism and marine ventures in the country, with numerous and diversified activities that include: hotel staying, renting out heritage villages, sea cruising, and plethora of marine services, with the panoramic vision of supplying the local and regional markets with ultimate marine recreational activities and enduring solutions.

Established in 2013, IKARUS currently employs more than 200 staff members, operates a fleet of 27 means of marine transport, runs a workshop, caters a yacht club, provides mid-range yachts and boats’ services, and furnishes valuable services, such as docking facilities, maintenance, and fueling. We are keen on providing our clientele with ample opportunities, where they have the choice of renting a place in our superb heritage villages, availing the services of our luxurious restaurants, enjoying the warmth and the breeze of the beach, and experiencing a memorable and enthralling venture; a venture that would indeed be an unprecedented one. We rent property at the historic Failaka island. In the Heritage village, the restaurants, beach and homes offer a mesmerizing experience to the tourists.

It is equally important to denote that the presence of a dedicated, experienced, and highly professional marine crew, with a correspondingly advanced fleet, further provide significant services that include the transportation of goods and visiting passengers safely. Additionally, the company has been setting up plans to expand and develop offshore marine services and activities.

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