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Founded in 2011, by Architect Mr.Marzouq Almutairi, Inner Works, Is a Turnkey, rapid construction contractor, specializing in concrete works., based in Kuwait. A supplier and applicator of high-tech commercial and industrial super-flat floors. We have well experienced and competent management, reliable supervisors and a team of highly skilled & experienced workers. We work hand-in-hand with our principal manufacturers to ensure that we constantly provide the best quality products and produce remarkable performance at a cost effective price, tailored to individual needs. Our customer are our most valuable asset. Thus, we strive to yield the best return to our customers’ investment in terms of quality, time and cost. As a specialist industrial flooring company, we apply these skills in the production goes far beyond the industry norm, supporting our clients from initial design and planning to the delivery of materials, the installation of the floor and ongoing maintenance up keep.In addition, we also provide Warehouse turnkey solutions that covers Engineering, Technicality and Logistics to cover all your aspects of warehouse storage and management on a higher level