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The United Arab Emirates has become a true international example for the tremendous strides it has taken in it’s ongoing development. The growth witnessed is unprecedented in the region, and perhaps all over the world.

While this growth and prosperity were initially based on the country’s oil-generated wealth, the UAE today boasts of well diversified economy, with an internationally significant industrial and commercial base.

Being one of the first Emirati owned Architectural Design & Engineering Consultancy in the UAE, we are proud and honored to have been a key player in the development of the country’s infrastructure. Whether by facilitating joint venture projects, Supplies & Consultancy agreements, or through providing expert services in various areas, we have always contributed sincerely.

Abdullah M. Al Jassmi, Chairman

BSc Civil Engineering

Al Burj Engineering Consultants

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We are a multi-disciplinary firm where our team of experts collaborate internally and produce sustainable coherent designs. Our integrated approach ensures we produce high-quality designs and offer considerable cost savings to our invaluable clients.

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