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For over 40 years, Pivot Engineering and General Contracting has helped customers over the UAE and the area change thoughts on paper into unmistakable resources of genuine esteem.

While our customers value the predominant nature of every single venture that we complete, the last handover is just piece of the esteem we convey. Dependability, assurance and perfection structure the establishment of each Pivot venture.

With more than 39 years of involvement in the United Arab Emirates, Pivot has a history to be glad for. With undertakings running from towers, desalination plants to Diwans, we have the mastery and assets to meet the contracting needs of a customer.

It gives us point of view and tremendous experience that we convey to each new activity, while we likewise grasp new innovations, development strategies and wellbeing rehearses that have changed the business and the manner in which we work.

"Consistently, development to pivotal to dispatching is done in an unmistakable, straightforward and top notch way. indeed, even after hand over, we create enduring, long haul an incentive for customers through structures that last more and run all the more productively for the general population who live and work in them"

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, we are involved very qualified and experienced structural designers, amount surveyors, and electrical, mechanical, wellbeing and quality architects. Together, we create inventive and useful arrangements, strategies and systems to improve the manner in which we work and the administrations we give to clients.Pivot's arrangement of finished and current ventures exhibits the wide scope of undertakings, a significant number of which are generous and frequently mind boggling. They incorporate estate mixes, elevated structure towers, inns, shopping centers and even oil and gas establishments.

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