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Christos Poullaides, a man who worked hard for the respect and status he achieved in the Middle East, always stressed the necessity to build relationships.
At the time, most companies were focused on cost as a differentiator in competitive advantage, where maintaining relationships with suppliers was thought to be key. However, displaying the kind of vision and proactive thinking that brought him into the industry, Christos instead focused on the client and treated him as his brother.
With the experience and the contacts gained from 40 years in the construction industry, Christos A. Poullaides established Poullaides Construction Company (PCC) in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2002.
PCC grew at an astonishing pace by developing its corporate structure and operations to place the client at the centre of the construction process. Adopting the mantra that "the client is key", and treating clients as if they are family, helped PCC build the best and most valued relationships in the industry.
PCC has gone from strength to strength, establishing a solid presence in Qatar as well as Cyprus. Acting as a statement of intent, the two branch offices have surpassed expectations, growing quickly and taking on projects of a multitude of complexities, while maintaining the strict adherence to the Quality, Safety and Environmental Policies upon which PCC was founded

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