• About

Masterpieces Thuraya one of the approved companies in the aluminum industry in Kuwait and the company deals mainly in the supply and installation of all aluminum works of (doors, windows, Sky Light, Shutter, kitchens, Cartn Wall, Strakosher Glass, business internal and external balustrades, whether aluminum or with the addition of Glass and aluminum all other combinations) and the work of wrought iron and stainless steel, and Ectropion of all kinds and forms).

  • Our priorities• establish a long-term relationship with our customers by providing them with appropriate services and the work of neat.

• fulfill the promise in front of our employees and our customers.

• guidance and training of our staff, including blowing their full potential.

• Develop and expand our business and our services according to the surrounding conditions in order to serve the interests of the masterpieces of prosperity and Thuraya.

• sound work methods and high ethical standards fit with our products and our manufacturing.