Al Hooqani International Group LLC (HIG) مجموعة الحوقاني الدولية
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Al Hooqani International Group (HIG) is one of the leading commercial groups of companies in the Sultanate of Oman, the group was established in 1978, and it committed to exceed the customer expectations, through the rapid growth it has achieved in recent years that confirmed the extent of the group’s development in various fields, which made it combine originality and long experiences, which were passed on from generation to another.

The active leadership of the Board of Directors contributed to keeping the group close to its customers everywhere, through the diversity and depth of its activities to the extent that it touches all aspects of life in the Sultanate of Oman.

The main office of the group is located in the capital, Muscat, and the wide presence of Al Hooqani International Group in the various parts of the Sultanate ensures that it continues to have a positive impact through its activities in many sectors.

Since the group was established, it has undergone positive changes and expanded the scope of its activities within the Sultanate and neighboring countries; the State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and even recently expanded to include the United Kingdom and Africa, the group has developed rapidly, and includes 9 different departments.

Excellence is our goal, as well as our commitments to our customers, we exceed the expectations of our customers, and at every stage of our complete services provided by our organization, we set our industry levels in terms of professionalism and safety, our soul goal is that our customers achieve their goals.

The group also strives to ensure that its employees are provided the highest possible services; whether medical, social or recreational, which positively affects the performance of employees, and maintains their feeling of belonging to the family of Al Hooqani Group.

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