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Al Majed Group Holding started in 1943.

Mr. Ali Al Majed, a young pearl trader with a courageous spirit of entrepreneurship and ambition, became one of the most prominent pearl traders in the Gulf.

His son, Mahdi took after his father the most, setting sail on his own and trading in the most appealing of pearls. When oil was discovered in the 1940s and a new era of prosperity began in Qatar, Mahdi established “Al Majed Jewellery”, which expanded to include jewellery from the best designers in Europe and became a center of attraction for all jewellery seekers in Qatar.

Today, Mahdi’s three sons, Ahmad, Mohammed and Jamil, handle the family business with great honor and dedication. They have enhanced the business image and services, diversified the portfolio of products and services, and have expanded Al Majed Group with eleven divisions.

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