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In anticipation of Qatar’s continuous growth on its industrial development globally; The Almuftah Projects & Industrial Services (AMPIS) has backed-up Qatar’s industrial sectors – oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, marine, electricity, water, cement and steel since 1986 and working with reputed & world-renowned original equipment manufacturers (International OEM’s) known for its superior engineering, dependability and performance of solutions it offers to these various industrial sectors.

Being a reliable partner of these principals for decades and been engaged in trade supply of engineering plants equipment & machineries along with the required support services (installation, maintenance & commissioning); AMPIS has created its solidified name in Government, semi-Government, public and private, companies operating in Qatar and have proven track record for international acceptability due to its qualified and experienced professional, administrative staff and support team to ensure impeccable quality of services to its clients.

At AMPIS, we strongly believe that real success in his industry is to build a strong – trusting business relation with our channel partners & clients and strive to maintain its integrity & thriving synergy for the people we serve.

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