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ABDULLAH SALEM TRADING ESTABLISHMENT. Has been founded in 1976, when Abdullah Salem Ali Al Mashaikhi was developing real estate, including Flats, Mosques, Schools, Auditoriums, Homes etc in various areas such as Muscat and Al Sharqiya Region.

With over 40 years of experience laying ASTGlobal foundations, which provides complete site work services for PDO Sites, Commercial, Industrial and Road Projects throughout the Sultanate. We specialize in professional, time-efficient project turnaround. We get in, get out, and do it right the first time!

Our ability to make sound decisions over our many years in business has given us a reputation as a solid firm who continues to deliver project after project and one that values our relationships with clients, peers and vendors in the industry.

As we've grown from our humble beginnings as a small family construction company, to today's successful enterprise capable of carrying multiple simultaneous projects, ASTGlobal has managed to cling to the time-tested truths that underpin any successful venture. Consequently, those who have worked with us testify to ASTGlobal dedication to honesty, quality and performance to get the project finished on time, within budget. That takes sacrifice, commitment and grit.

Under the current leadership of Abdullah Salem Ali Al Mashaikhi, Engineer Faisal Abdullah Salem Al Mashaikhi, and Engineer Adil Abdullah Salem Al Mashaikhi, Abdullah Salem Trading has become a unique General Contractor Specializing in Major Construction Projects including Historical Renovation Projects.

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