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na Wedding and event photography, video and production photography services._x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ On creative lights: creativity through the eyes and touches of the artist, collection and photographic Iman Al-Rifai _x005F_x000D_ , who started her artistic career with her first participation in the year 2001_x005F_x000D_ joined Borat in the field of visual art and photographic art._x005F_x000D_ is awarded the Silver Palm at the Visual Arts Forum for the Arab Gulf States._x005F_x000D_ is one of the most prominent participations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in several countries, including:_x005F_x000D_ (Dhaka - Biennial - Bangladesh - Poinsiers - Argentina - Suez - Egypt - Qatar - Algeria - Jakarta) _x005F_x000D_
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