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Porto Facility Management offers a wide range of Hard and Soft Facility Management Services that optimise essential day-to-day operations and enable businesses to focus on their primary functions. We also have extensive experience in Asset Management, providing property management services to residential, commercial, and government facilities.

Porto Facility Management’s integrated facilities management team can manage and deliver every aspect of your facility operations. Our team of qualified professionals possess the skill-set and experience that sets us apart from others in the industry. We can assure you of our diligence and work ethics to effect positive change in your business.

We work with our clients to understand their needs. Our tried-and-tested systems and processes are customised according to the specific needs of each client and their operating condition; thereby ensuring facilities under our care are well-run in an efficient working condition. Our team is dedicated to being the best in the business and prides itself on being excellent communicators and problem solvers.

Porto Facility Management is a subsidiary of Porto Holding Group, based in Doha, Qatar. As an integral part of Porto Holding Group, PORTO FACILITY MANAGEMENT company emerged as “the best of its kind” in the facility management services in Qatar. Founded by Sheikh Khalid Saud A H Al-Thani, the Porto Group offers a full range of capabilities in Construction, Engineering, Procurement, Project Management Services, Real Estate, Facility Management and much more.

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