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The first visit of our G.M. to Qatar was an immediate involvement with it's growing market.

From there the decision to start doing business in the Country.

The first opportunity came from a meeting with some representatives of a high range Italian Company in cleaning and hospitality services. 

Then, to maintain a Healthy Environment, Qatar Services have been established in April 2008, as a "L.L.C." in co-operation with the Italian 'La Splendor' S.r.l., to offer the most advanced and worldly certified services in The State of Qatar and The Middle East Area.

Why ?

The Italian Company has:

- More than forty years experience in cleaning, support, and workforce services in Europe;

- The International Quality Certifications CSQ ISO 9001:2000 and CSQ ECO ISO 14001:2004, and the Golden Mercury Award;

- A Staff professional service always up to the required level and always up dated; and,

- A well programmed and high performed Quality Control System (QCS).

From there we started also with the supply of trained workers to meet the hospitality needs of some of the most important Hotels and Qatari Companies, supplying tea and office boys, to take care of the guests hospitality and the internal documentation and files movements.

Helpers for other fields, like food packaging, kitchen support, clothes storage, electrical items' production, and so forth, have been added later.

Working in this way and growing its reliability, the company started in the Facility Management field through a joint venture with a quoted Qatari Company.

In addition, due to the visits of our customers to the company office and the connections with several Italian companies and Architectural Studios, Qatar Services started to doing business in the Interior and Urban Design field.  

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