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UHS is a young organization that is focused on creating a differentiation in the Qatari hospitality market. UHS stays true to its motto of “Quality without compromise” since its inception and has continued to honor the trust of our clients. We continue to evolve and adopt an eagerness to learn and grow across our leadership. Our goal is to provide sustainable development to all stakeholders and provide our employees with an opportunity to grow.

We continue to expand our business offerings to clients with complete focus on our customer relations and value-added services to support their operations and ensure success.

Our strength lies in the effort & dedication of each of our team member synergizing our effort to meet a common goal. While taking care of their individual assignments our team also maintains a high level of awareness of what tasks must be prioritized. We apply rigorous standards of recruitment and training within our teams, ensuring we don’t need to rely on third-party suppliers that could dilute the quality of our work

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