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Aal Hareeb Trading and Contracting Establishment was found by Late Ali Hareeb Bin Hamed Al Araimi in 1973. Insurance Agency, Real Estate, Used Car Sales, Sale of Household Appliances and Car Upholstery were the business run under this fleet.

Aal Hareeb Building Materials was found by Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khadar Shajahan and Mr. Abdul Aziz Poomakoth under the guidance and benevolence of Late Ali Hareeb Bin Hamed Al Araimiin 1995. It started as a very small company with just three staffs. Now there are 12 branches with more than 100 employees (local and expat). The founders always wanted to do a value based business, a business based on trust, honesty and integrity.

We deal with more than 5000 products. We imports major building materials from different parts of the world: Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Romania and Chile.

Aal Hareeb is the major dealer for Jotun Paints and Al Shams Ceramics.The group is one of the major timber traders in Oman. Introducing and promoting the Omani products is one of the missions of Aal Group.

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