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Al-Bilad Catalyst Company Limited is a joint venture between Al-Bilad Establishment, National Contracting Company (a subsidiary of the Rezayat Group), EURECAT SA of France and individual Saudi investors.

Al-Bilad specializes in the off-site regeneration of hydroprocessing catalysts, molecular sieves and absorbents, and in the recycling of a wide range of spent catalysts for oil refining and petrochemical companies across MENA.

Al-Bilad has fully integrated technical services and support groups to further enhance the customers’ satisfaction and facilitate creative solutions to the most difficult customer problems.

Core Activities and Services:

With the environmental pressure on product specifications and economic pressure on refinery margins, the industry must make best use of available resources. With the increasing complexity of catalytic processes, professional management is essential to ensure optimal timing, as well as reliable and safe operations.

We provide a complete solution to your catalyst including the Reactor Management Services through our Partner companies. Our core activities and services includes:

  • Regeneration
  • Recycling
  • Transport
  • Length Grading
  • Density Grading
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Partner companies

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